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Agenzia Guida Real and Short Rental estate has put the new blog online where you can stay updated with news in the real estate and tourism sectors, as well as the relevant regulations, useful advice and much more.

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You will be thrilled or enthusiastic, we are not bad

You will be welcome in our press review. The objective of our press review is to provide information with news from the real estate and tourism world. As a real estate and tourism agency, we operate in the sectors of sales, rentals and short-term rentals through the management of holiday homes in Salento. We have been doing it for fifteen years and our experience is the result of our presence in the area and the number of brokerages completed.

Keeping up with the rules

To do this we have kept up with the regulations, applying them and knowing them. With the blog we aim to make you aware of what the sector and the profession of real estate agent entails. We analyze different scenarios, because they closely concern the real estate and tourism sectors, trying to provide simple interpretations.

Very interesting news

Don't think it's not interesting, we have a lot of readers and we're always growing. The news is very interesting and we try to be constant. We always improve the way we present content by selecting and writing articles that are of interest to you. You will discover new aspects and you will be a unique spokesperson.

We provide you with interesting information

Knowing how to move in these contexts is important because the property represents not only an investment, but also the place of our interests, our life. In an ever-evolving context, staying up to date is an important step! Welcome to our press review.

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