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Rent your property now with Re-King! Re-King is an international brand, connected and integrated with numerous global real estate agents and agencies. Sharing and teamwork are essential for success. Signing an assignment with a Re-King Real Estate Agent means signing with multiple real estate agents at the same time. Furthermore, we only dedicate ourselves to selected properties, chosen and managed with extreme care and attention. Thanks to this attention, sharing, teamwork, integration, and an innovative approach we find tenants selected in approximately half of the average market time. Unlike other real estate agencies, we are not interested in obtaining dozens of assignments for properties that then remain vacant. And it is thanks to this secret that data in hand we are able to rent properties faster and with greater profit for our customers. Find out what we do!

Rent your property with Re-King!


We carry out reasoned and realistic property valuations, to help you understand the real value and rental times and avoid: renting later by lowering the price. We are not interested in obtaining orders for properties that then remain vacant. We use our fifteen years of experience and very powerful computer software that connects to databases. Our evaluations are incontrovertible, and document the reason and result of the evaluation on numerous pages.

Starting with the right price allows for greater realization and speed! Rent your property now with Re-King!


Our proven processes reduce to zero all the bureaucratic unexpected events that can delay or jeopardize your rent. We assist you in producing the necessary documentation for a complete and safe process of bureaucratic procedures. We also hire third parties for the purpose of optimal verification and at our expense. For us it is an essential phase. A phase in which we assume our responsibility, avoiding the negotiation ending up in court as often happens due to the unpreparedness of many real estate agencies that operate dishonestly. For us, honesty is the basis of the profession.

No surprises, we anticipate potential bureaucratic unexpected events. Rent a house now with Re-King!


We spend a lot of time writing ad texts, because we know that to enhance the value of a property, it is crucial to find and list the strengths and advantages it can offer. The professional photo shoot attracts attention and multiplies contacts on the web. We know well how we need to present the property. We create more presentations, as many as the languages and markets we interface with.

Your offer will not be perceived as one among many. It will be unique! Rent your property now with Re-King!


We are among the few real estate agencies in Italy to operate in the tourism sector, with around 1000 properties managed as holiday homes in Salento, we have a very large database of customers who want to rent. We also have a global trade display translated into multiple languages. Not simple databases extrapolated here and there, but databases with possible tenants profiled, interviewed and with real financial capabilities.

Your property will be available for rent to a wide global audience. Rent a house now with Re-King!


We insert advertising in all available media: real estate portals, sector magazines, newspapers and billboards. But we use online exposure in a different and much more effective way: our offers, in addition to being among the first results, have large photos and more interesting texts. We invest heavily in the IT and marketing ecosystem, because we have the experience to be able to do it the way it needs to be done. We directly follow each phase and control it, being ready to intervene. We have the tools ourselves.

More coverage, more rental possibilities! We use all media. Rent a house now with Re-King!


We carefully select the people to whom we show your offer and your property and we keep you updated. We don't disappear into the crowd but we always look for the best tenant for your property, profiling tenant clients and avoiding time-wasting tourist trips. We are also very prepared in the leasing phases. We offer professional advice to those who rent a house. There are no phases in which we fall into difficulty. We know well what we rent and represent the advantages well.

No wasting time with unnecessary visits from curious people. Rent your property now with Re-King!


We select entire buildings and use them as rentals for students in Lecce. We take care of everything, from ordinary maintenance to cleaning, to management of rent, to contracts and registration. Ours is an exclusive and turnkey service. Your building will increase the income without you having to worry about anything.

Rentals managed in complete safety and turnkey. Rent your property now with Re-King!


We have the tenant take out professional policies, so that if for some reason he were to delay in paying the monthly payments, the rent-saving policy would cover up to eight monthly payments and up to the first cause of eviction. The policy replaces the security deposit and protects both parties. The registration of the contract takes place through us and in a short time.

Always protected and in order. We give our all for your best! Rent a house now with Re-King!


You will never be alone, our specialized team of professionals will assist you in all the delicate phases of the negotiations to ensure you do not make mistakes or carelessness, also for any needs subsequent to the notarial deed. We always remain professionals, we live by loyalty and love for others. We don't say goodbye because we've sold. We always meet afterwards, with everyone, over the years, with a smile.

We take care of everything. We give our all for your best! Rent a house now with Re-King!

Rent a house now with Re-King!

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